Primewave Medical Group Targets Atlanta and Denver for Franchise Growth

Primewave Medical Group, the premier men’s health clinic that utilizes acoustic wave therapy to treat the issues that cause erectile dysfunction, is looking for qualified franchise owners to help bring the innovative concept to Atlanta and Denver. Instead of the traditional ineffective pills or needle injections, Primewave’s goal is to educate patients on what causes erectile dysfunction and why the particular treatment of acoustic wave therapy is the most effective, natural and safe way to treat it.

The first Primewave clinic opened in Scottsdale, Arizona in March of 2018, and after seeing amazing results, expanded to a second location in Las Vegas a few months later. Now, the team has decided to start franchising the Primewave concept at the end of the year, identifying Atlanta and Denver as prime markets for initial growth.

With low overhead and startup costs, full-time operational support, monthly webinar training, minimal labor costs, multiple revenue streams and access to an expert medical marketing firm, Primewave sets itself apart as an incredibly attractive business opportunity.

“Primewave Medical Group offers smart business people the opportunity to make exceptional profits in this $5 billion industry,” said Matt Goodwin, director of business development. “Both Georgia and Colorado are Non-Registration States, which means once our FDD is official, we’ll have the ability to start selling right away. Plus, Atlanta and Denver are the two biggest cities in those states with a large number of medical facilities.”

In both Atlanta and Denver, healthcare and technology are two major industries that are coming together to drive growth. When it comes to setting up a medical clinic, Goodwin notes that both Georgia and Colorado are also “non-corporate practice of medicine states.” The corporate practice of medicine doctrine prohibits corporations from practicing medicine or employing a physician to provide professional medical services.

“Corporate practice of medicine is an antiquated law that does not allow a non-medical licensed practitioner to own a medical business,” said Goodwin. “We are specifically looking at Atlanta and Denver in order to avoid these complications. Many people may shy away from a franchise like this because they think they need a medical background, but we’ve designed an opportunity in which prospects don’t need a medical, sales or marketing background to be successful. We provide potential owners with staffing agencies that can find contract doctors for the clinic.”

Primewave supports franchisees in every step of the process. The team will be on the phone finding an ideal location, going through all the regulatory hurdles and monitoring the sales process to ensure that profits are maximized. In addition, Primewave Medical Group will train all medical technicians, doctors, sales staff and appointment setters to ensure success once the clinic is open and operating.

Primewave clinic owners get a full operational support system including a complete operations manual, training and sales protocols, 24/7 operational support, monthly webinar training, access to a leading medical marketing team and much more. The brand’s experts are constantly working to stay on the cutting-edge of the ED business by updating medical treatment protocols, marketing materials and customer service processes.

“As the first franchisees, they will receive a great deal of support and will also be positioned to dominate their specific market,” said Goodwin. “With such a unique and innovative concept, every market is wide open and unsaturated.”

Goodwin notes that the Primewave brand is hoping to open at least two clinics in both Denver and Atlanta. Long-term, the brand would like to open up 30 to 50 Primewave clinics within the top 50 markets of the U.S.

“As we service more clients, we are learning that Primewave’s technology is effective for a number of ailments, such as carpal tunnel, orthopedic pain and more,” said CEO Darrin Blume. “When it comes to the long-term vision of the brand, we are currently expanding our business model to focus on these treatments as well as ED. Our overall goal is to team up with qualified franchise owners in order to become the premier practitioner of acoustic wave therapy in all of the U.S. In addition, we want to be the nation’s leading men’s health clinic — when men have these problems, we want to be the first place they go.”

The initial investment to open a Primewave franchise ranges from $209,750 to $453,101, including a $50,000 franchise fee. The brand is actively seeking franchise owners in Arizona, Nevada, California, Atlanta and Chicago. For more information on franchising with Primewave, please visit


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