How this Men’s Wellness Franchise Plans to Solve a $5B Men’s Health Challenge

The market for erectile dysfunction treatments recently passed the $5 billion mark, and Primewave, a newly launched men’s wellness franchise focused primarily on the treatment of ED with the revolutionary acoustic wave protocol, is a category killer.

“Prior to franchising our concept, we tested our solution to great success. We engineered the treatment strategy and operationalized a cutting edge way to treat and fix ED with no needles, no drugs, no pain and no side effects,” said Matt Goodwin, the brand’s co-founder. “We also built a franchisable business that doesn’t have the redtap of other wellness brands — in that you don’t need a medical license to own a Primewave. We are confident that the work we put in prior to launching the business opportunity will guide our pathway to becoming a category killer.”

Compared to drugs like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra or creams like Vitaros; and brands like Hims or Roman — the Primewave leadership team is confident in its ability to offer something different. Instead of a pill with nasty side effects, a painful surgery or an ineffective cream, Primewave has figured out how to correct the cause of ED in more than 90% of men with the power of soundwaves.

ED is a personal issue for many men and it massively impacts their homelife and in turn, their overall quality of life. Ultimately, Primewave is in the business of helping men who are suffering from ED.  Most of these men are dealing with low confidence from their issue, so an ethical, non-pressured approach is key. The ED treatment market is already full of sleazy snake-oil salesmen preying on insecure men, and Primewave isn’t interested in adding to that segment.

“We’re obviously in a heavily sales and marketing oriented business, but what we’re selling is a product for guys who want to get back to their Prime,” said Goodwin. “They might not have had an erection in four, five or even 10 years. These guys are fragile and skeptical. It is up to us to show these guys that Primewave;s new technology can actually correct their issue and restore their passion for life.”

Armed with a purpose, a proven business model, a brand, and a plan, Primewave is launching the business across the country on way to helping men conquer ED in all 50 states. The brand has devised a business model that requires no medical training or background for franchisees. Primewave will assist the franchisee in putting together a top notch team and will provide all of the necessary training to the team to perform the Primewave protocol.

No Experience Required for this Franchise

While doctors, nurses or those with medical licenses may find this business perfect as an expansion or investment opportunity, Primewave was built for the business-minded franchisee versus one who has a specific skill set. This, Goodwin says, is vital to the brand’s ability to scale its growth throughout the U.S.

“Of course we’re looking for a business-minded and entrepreneurial franchisee with a willingness to learn something new. But they don’t have to be in the medical space or have any prior medical background. Just as long as they’re motivated and willing to learn,” said Goodwin. “We will help you every step of the way. From training our franchise partners on HR practices — like hiring and training your staff — to teaching them how to run an efficient and successful medical ED clinic. We measure our success based on our franchisee’s success”.

Goodwin says that Primewave franchisees don’t even need to work full time.

“This is not a super time-intensive business — perfect for someone who owns a couple other businesses or has another career,” he said.

Franchise Buyers Invited to an Intimate Look at the Business

Qualifying to own a Primewave franchise will require between $209,750 and $453,101 to open. Once financially qualified,  Primewave will invite potential franchisees to visit a clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, or Las Vegas, to get a feel for how the business runs. Goodwin says this is the make-or-break moment for franchisees, and it all comes down to character.

“A franchisee is a lifelong partner for us, and we’re a lifelong partner for them. We want to make sure we get along and have the same business ideas. We don’t want to sell just anyone a franchise. A franchisee has to be compassionate, be able to run a great business and represent the brand’s values,” Goodwin said.

Primewave will start selling franchise territories in January 2021.

As a newly launched franchise, now is an opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded people to get in on the ground floor of a revolution in men’s wellness that offers men, in the comfort of their own community, the chance to renew their vigor for life and feel truly young again. The right franchisee will find themselves consulting men and healing families across their community while cashing in on an effective, smart fix for a problem that impacts a growing segment of the population.

“We have two clinics right now and we’re looking to expand that to 30–50 across the country,” said Goodwin. “We are ready to take this explosive business model nationwide. The 3 territories that we are focused on for initial expansion are Denver, Chicago and Atlanta. But very open to launching in other cities as well.”


Established in 2018 by partners Matt Goodwin and Darrin Blume, Primewave Medical Group offers a unique and innovative entryway into the $4.7 billion erectile-dysfunction industry for qualified entrepreneurs. By offering a safe and non-invasive application of acoustic wave therapy, Primewave provides an effective alternative to ED treatments like pills and needle injections, avoiding the side effects, discomfort and lifestyle challenges associated with those treatments. Primewave’s franchise model provides owners with a complete operational plan for building and operating a successful medical clinic plus full-time operational, medical and marketing support to ensure franchisee success. Primewave currently has locations in Arizona and Nevada and is actively seeking franchisees in new markets across the U.S.


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