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The PrimeWave Solution

By May 12, 2021No Comments

A lot of guys ask us how PrimeWave acoustic wave therapy can be so effective.  Many of them have tried the pills and the shots, and hate the negative side-effects and mediocre results.  Some of them are even contemplating penile implants!  Let’s dig a little deeper.


What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy (also called shock wave therapy) is a treatment first used in the 1940’s.  It involves the use of non-invasive, low-intensity acoustic waves to cause neovascularization to counteract a lack of blood flow. Neovascularization is the formation of new blood vessels


How does Acoustic Wave Therapy help reverse ED?

One of the main reasons men struggle with ED is a low flow of blood to the penis. Blood flow is what makes the penis become erect in response to sexual stimulation. When blood flow has interruptions, men experience weak erections that lose their rigidity too quickly.

Acoustic wave therapy actually does two very important things:

  1. The pressure from the acoustic waves breaks up and disintegrates the “Micro-plaque” in the blood vessels and veins in the penis. Just like other blood vessels in the body, the vessels in the penis have plaque that builds up over time. Acoustic wave therapy opens those blood vessels and allows your blood to flow more freely and strongly, and strong blood flow is the key to a firm and rigid erection!
  2. The second thing that the therapy does is prompt the body to repair damaged tissue, grow new blood vessels, and re-generate nerve endings. Every time you receive a treatment, your body begins a regenerative process that has long-lasting results.


How Many Acoustic Wave Treatments Are Needed to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction?

Some men see results after just one or two treatments, but that is not typical. ED is a result of plaque build-up and tissue damage that has taken decades to build up, so it will probably not reverse over-night. But, you can expect to see some positive results fairly quickly.  First, you will begin to feel a heightened sensitivity, increased firmness, even a stronger urine flow, etc.  A lot of our patients are able to become sexually active during the first six treatments. Men with underlying medical issues or long-term ED will see indications that the treatment is working but may not see their best results until later rounds of treatment.


Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Hurt?



How long do the treatments last?

Many men need only one round of therapy.  Some like to come back for the occasional “tune-up” session.  This all depends on how the patient’s initial condition, his lifestyle, and the rate his body heals itself.


Where can I get Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED?


Check out this video to get the science behind how we help men’s bodies heal themselves … and reverse the misery of erectile dysfunction.

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