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The Dark Side of Traditional ED Treatments and PrimeWave’s Innovative Alternative

By May 24, 2021No Comments

Forget short-term hyped-up miracle pills, quick fixes and painful procedures — PrimeWave claims to treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. For good.

Pills. Pumps. Needles. Surgery. Rhino horns. There’s almost nothing a man won’t try when he is trying to regain his sexual life. 

Yet, despite all the TV campaigns and back-of-men’s-magazine claims, most of these “miracle cures” have a dark side. Men can risk hearing loss, heart attack, permanent penile damage and even death with many of these treatments. And the real kicker? Most don’t work, and certainly, none offer long-term solutions to treat the underlying issue. 

That’s why men have begun looking for ED remedies that go to the root of the problem. PrimeWave, an ED clinic with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, utilizes revolutionary new technology that harnesses soundwaves to break up arterial blockage, allowing blood to flow more freely to the penis without drugs, needles, pain or side effects.  

The brand, which is starting to franchise its clinics across the country, claims it has figured out how to correct the cause of ED in more than 90% of men. 

“The misconception is that pills, supplements and injections are not dangerous,” said Darrin Blume, CEO of PrimeWave. And even if they do work as intended, “the next morning, when you wake up, you’re the same old guy with the same old problem.”


Why ED Pills Can Be Dangerous

Drugs like Viagra and Cialis can cause a host of problems, but in the end, are just short-term fixes.

“If you use the metaphor of a garden hose going full force that someone is stepping on — the garden hose is your blood flow, and the blockage is what’s causing ED. The blood can’t get where it needs to go,” said Blume. “Viagra and Cialis simply expand the width of the garden hose temporarily to let your blood flow around the blockage.” 

Dr. Alton Walters, a general practitioner who has 50 years of experience treating patients with erectile dysfunction, is the principal physician at PrimeWave’s Las Vegas clinic. He explains this rapid vessel expansion the pills cause can result in a host of medical issues.  

“Drugs like Cialis may improve a man’s performance temporarily, but it can create problems with eyes and the nose in addition to bringing on horrible headaches. If someone has a heart condition, these types of pills can also cause a drop in blood pressure,” he said.

Dr. Walters also says that it’s not an effect that men can count on in the long term. “Over time, the effect wears off because the arteries continue to get worse.” 


The Problem With ED Injections

Another popular ED treatment is penile injections, often containing a mixture of drugs the industry calls TRIMIX. In essence, they are turbo engines.

“Injections can get better performance than pills, but they’re not without risk,” said Dr. Walters. “A single injection of TRIMIX can cause an erection lasting for hours. If a man gets the shot in the wrong place or has bad luck, he can get an erection that won’t go away. It can be associated with permanent damage. We’ve seen that in numerous cases that come into my clinic.”

There’s another drawback to the injections. “The injection adds another level of pain and discomfort,” says Blume. “These drugs also need to be injected when a person is ready to have sex, so the timing is less than ideal and can often kill the mood.”  


Do Herbal Supplements and Testosterone Pills Really Work for ED?

Even the “all-natural” pills you see at nutrition stores, convenience stores and gas stations that  promise to return your prowess have a dark side. Blume said a lack of regulation in the supplement industry creates ample opportunity for snake oil salesmen peddling all kinds of chicanery. 

“Here’s the thing — you have no idea what’s in them,” said Blume. “Either they don’t work at all, or they work because the manufacturer in China is lacing them with the active ingredient of Viagra or Cialis. And you get the same problems with pills.”

And while testosterone supplements may have the effect of helping men feel younger by increasing sexual drive, it still doesn’t help sexual performance. “Men may gain muscle mass, they feel better, but it doesn’t improve erections because they still have the basic problem: poor circulation,” said Dr. Walters.


What Acoustic Wave Does Differently

Given the inherent risks of most treatments, Blume said that men are beginning to look for different avenues to treat ED like PrimeWave’s Acoustic Wave Treatment. According to Blume, Acoustic Wave Treatment uses sound waves that are aimed at veins in the penis and vibrations begin to break up blockages and improve blood flow. 

He said the treatment is not painful, but better yet — it treats the cause of ED, not just the symptoms.

“Acoustic Wave Therapy is over 85% effective at restoring circulation to the arteries of the penis,” said Dr. Walters. “The ones that aren’t getting better generally have an underlying health problem beyond the arteries.”

Another benefit of Acoustic Wave Therapy according to Blume: as men age, nerve endings in the penis begin to deaden and, as reported in the Canadian Journal of Urology, acoustic waves stimulate growth factors in the blood and can regenerate nerve endings. The net effect: “your orgasms begin to feel like they did in the past.”

Overall, Blume said that there is another benefit of using PrimeWave: spontaneity.

“When you’re using some of these other treatments, you may begin to think, well, I’m not a man, I can’t really do it myself, I need this stuff. It can be psychologically damaging,” he said. “But with Acoustic Wave Therapy, we have a very natural process. After a certain point, men begin to once again feel like they used to.”

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