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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Open Communication about Erectile dysfunction

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What are erection problems?

An erection problem refers to the inability to sustain and gain an erection that is good enough for a man to penetrate. ED can be caused by a wide variety of issues, including a restriction in blood flow to penile tissues. Besides, hormonal imbalance and psychological problems such as depression and anxiety can also add to it. Many women will ask themselves why my husband cannot stay hard?

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Men can often feel frustrated about not achieving an erection, and it can be very demasculinizing. – A husband may take this as a symbol of fertility or manliness, and they cannot sustain or achieve it properly.

Many external pressures like stress can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. There are many stressors that can cause ED:

  • Hard-working job
  • Exhaustion
  • Too much on your partner’s plate
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hormone imbalance

It is difficult as a woman to experience your partner having a hard time performing.

However, there are other more likewise explanations. You can find out more about the psychological and physical causes of erection problems in our leaflet.

Talking to your partner about Erectile problems

Of course, Erection problems are a difficult issue for couples to discuss. However, talking about it openly can often be the best practice of resolving stress and identifying root causes. if you are finding yourself saying or thinking “my husband can’t stay hard”, try to support your partner and communicate understanding.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Do not enter the conversation being defensive- be open about his feelings.
  • Do be patient and understand that this is a sensitive subject for most men.
  • Do not assign blame or guilt onto him or yourself, ED is quite common and there are TONS of reasons why you could be experiencing them.
  • Do try home remedies (always consult your primary physician before taking anything that can affect any medications). There are tons of home remedies to try that can help with ED.

Changing your lifestyle

It would be best if you thought about those things that your partner could change to help with ED. These may include stopping smoking, eating better, reducing stress levels, or exercising more. Try to spare some time for each other besides work, pets, and kids. This will help you a lot in getting rid of stress and connecting with your partner.

Encourage your partner to reach out to a professional physiologist or therapist. They will help you a lot in identifying where is the actual cause. He will provide you with a health check as many health issues such as heart disease can lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a lot more than only a physical problem. It can be deeply associated with psychology as well. Getting rid of the anxiety and stress regarding this issue can help a lot in having a normal erection.


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