Our Mission

PrimeWave understands what healthy sexual function and performance means to men, and we’re dedicated to helping men rebuild their confidence after years or even a decade without experiencing an erection. ED impacts millions of men in the U.S. alone, but the ED treatment market is full of sleazy snake-oil salesmen preying on insecure and desperate customers. PrimeWave isn’t interested in adding to that segment. Instead, our goal is to provide men a painless, nonsurgical option with no expensive pills that sets the clock back on sexual health and gives them the chance to revitalize their lifestyles and relationships.

By using a non-invasive acoustic wave therapy to unblock arterial blockages, PrimeWave improves men’s health and sexual function in a way that contributes to overall wellness.

Even men who have suffered from ED for years can see their condition reversed after just a single session. Enjoy revitalizing your relationships or lifestyle with the new vigor that comes from PrimeWave’s proprietary treatment.

Treating ED shouldn’t hurt you or your wallet. PrimeWave’s ED treatment doesn’t require shots, surgery or pills that can cause painful side effects. Instead, PrimeWave gives men a new lust for life that doesn’t require you to take a pill before having a thrill.

We’re not another pill company.
We’re the pill killers.

Compared to drugs like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra, creams like Vitaros, and brands like Hims or Roman, PrimeWave offers something different. Instead of a pill with nasty side effects, a painful surgery or an ineffective cream, PrimeWave has figured out how to correct the cause of ED in more than 90% of men with the power of soundwaves. ED is a personal issue for many men, and it can negatively impact their homelife and in turn, their overall quality of life. In the bedroom, poor confidence turns into poor performance, so PrimeWave’s proprietary treatment makes it easy to achieve arousal naturally, whenever the moment strikes.

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