Erectile Dysfunction

PrimeWave might just be the best ED treatment ever created, but the innovative acoustic wave therapy behind the cure has many other applications.

Optimizing Sexual Performance

Unlike other treatments for erectile dysfunction, PrimeWave offers real, long term solutions to help men regain their sexual wellness through Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Peyronie’s Disease

This disease comes from a buildup of scar tissue in the penis and can cause painful, curved erections that can significantly alter the appearance of the penis if left untreated. PrimeWave’s artery-clearing acoustic wave therapy can painlessly treat this difficult condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Recent medical research from scholars shows the acoustic wave therapy used by PrimeWave holds promise for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, or nerve compression at the wrists.

Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

Nerve damage in fingers and hands has long been thought of as impossible to cure, but acoustic wave therapies, like the ones used by PrimeWave, have successfully treated nerve damage in patients in Australia and Europe.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

This painful condition can make fingers and hands hurt making most work difficult or impossible, but acoustic wave therapy, like the kind used by PrimeWave, holds promise for people suffering from this condition.

Plantar Faciitis

This short, stabbing pain felt in the bottom of the foot can make getting out of bed a nightmare, but PrimeWave’s non-surgical treatment helps the body heal itself of plantar fasciitis.

Pain Management

Not only does acoustic wave therapy not hurt, PrimeWave can relieve pain in the body by helping sort out bunched up nerve pathways.

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